About Jason Becker:

I am a Web Designer / Front End Developer and Graphic Artist currently living and working in Austin, Texas. I am excited to be working daily on user interface challenges involving XHTML, CSS, Photoshop and Flash. I concentrate on designing with web standards and semantic HTML in all my work. I also enjoy working with traditional media, photography and animation.


(April 1, 2007) NewHomeSource.com relaunched with new standards-based layout and improved mapping.

(April 30, 2006) NewHomeLifestyles.com relaunched in preparation for the broadcast of episodes in the Houston area.

(February 28, 2006) NewRetirementCommunities.com launched with streamlined front-end code, separating presentation from markup. The user-interface was developed using CSS layout in an ASP.net environment.

(October 4, 2005) Builder Homesite's corporate website has launched. BuilderHomesite.com was designed in Adobe Photoshop and built to web standards with XHTML, CSS, PHP and Flash.

(August 22, 2005) Welcome to my new website. JasonBecker.net was developed with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

(May 1, 2005) My new website for Drop Test has launched. Droptestmusic.com was designed in Photoshop and implemented using XHTML and CSS.

Contact Jason Becker:

Send an email to webmaster@jasonbecker.net

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